Thursday, April 11, 2013

I am so excited that the weather is getting better and summer is on her way! This means camping on the weekends, fresh produce, warm breezes through the windows, canning, and so much more. I love spring and summer fall is OK and winter if not for all the holidays I would hate it. I am so not an overcast, cold, rain, ice and snow chick!
Hubby is going to rebuild my pantry with wood shelves to hold all of my canned goods. I plan on canning a lot of apple sauce, peaches, pears, nectarines, and more. I need to search and see what all there is to can. I really want to freeze a lot of vegetables as well. I plan on buying some asparagus this coming week and freezing quite a bit. I would can asparagus but being as I still have a glass to I have to water bath them and thus can just pickle them. Oh yea I want to freeze broccoli, cauliflower hmm what else? The garden will be full of stuff this summer so I am excited, Oh yea I will be canning a ton of tomatoes to be sure.
Crummy news is that Megan is super sick. She has a nasty sinus infection and she is just not doing well. Hubby is sick to and I have it as well.
OK enough chat for tonight goodnight my lovies!!

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