Monday, February 13, 2012

OK I am trying to figure out how to get pictures off of my older camera to post before and after pictures. I put in the good memory card but I guess it is to new for the camera. I will look for the older card in a bit. I was not going to do the kitchen counters today but with looking for a grinder part it was easier to do the counter tops today.
These are the after pictures that I just took tonight.

In the first picture there is my Scentsy purple warmer that matches my kitchen colors. I have the red radio in the corner and that can be moved outside in the spring. The black basket is holding the bread and bagels. I also have a white utensil holder. I did have the utensils in a drawer but as much as I use them it is easier to have them at hand.

The second picture is the oven/stove in case you did not know lol. I had stuff like candles on the stove top along with a pan that was clean and a dish rag. All clean now and I even ran the cleaning cycle on the oven last week. I can not get near oven cleaning products being as my asthma kicks in and if any gets on my skin I react with a bleeding rash.

The third picture is the other corner of the oven. This corner is easy to pile stuff up on for some reason. Now it is straightened up and looks pretty darn good to me. I have my two olive oils next to the stove being as they are a daily usage pretty much. I am thinking of just having the smaller jar of olive oil to use and just refill it when needed. The large jar is to tall to sit in the cupboard by the stove.
There is the fruit bowl with apples, bananas and oranges. I am trying to see how to get the fruit off of the counter tops. I might try and hang the fruit in a basket but not sure how much I like having fruit hanging around lol.
Then I have a bowl of onions which are usually a daily used item as well. The paper towels are on the counter but I am thinking I might like an under the counter holder for them. The could go under the counter next to the can opener.

OK here is my before of the center island. Yes that is for real. OK some of the stuff was just put there tonight but hey I needed a good before picture! There is the meat grinder that is missing its blade that has caused all heck to break out here at the Gray's house. On top of the meat grinder is a crystal bowl I am giving away at church. A few other things are going into a giveaway box as well. I will have the island cleared off tomorrow and will post pictures of it when I do.

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