Saturday, February 11, 2012

OK I have to start with a happy picture. This one just makes me grin. I would love to hold that many kitties at one time. Oh can you imagine if you received this as a bouquet from your love?
I am still cleaning out stuff that is pure garbage. I am embarrassed at how much junk I accumulated in a short time. This is really insane. I have boxes and boxes of stuff that I am throwing away now. How so many sheets of paper can accumulate and take over a house amazes me.

I stayed home today with Megan being as she ended up having five grand mals. She didn't eat and has slept most of the day.... on my lap or next to me. I just now got to do some cleaning being as she is pretty rested now and not likely to jump up and run around.
Tomorrow I have to go to Target to get her prescription in the morning and I will check out any coupon deals at that time. I have to start paying off credit cards and get serious about it. Yea that was out of left field! I am going to start keeping track of every penny I spend starting in March with my paycheck. I have to get very frugal now and save all the money that I can.

So just to let you know and to keep me accountable I have goals for this week and for each week there after. By the end of this year I will be sticking to a budget, being accountable for my budget, walking five days a week, my house will be organized, I will have a cleaning schedule and stick to it, weekly menus will be planned, and the list goes on.
So you ask what are my goals for next week? My main goals are:

1. Taxes done and filed

2. Closet will be organized

3. Pantry will be organized

4. Bathroom will be organized

5. Desk will be organized

When I am done blogging I will take pictures of what I am dealing with right now. I have done a lot of work but there is still a lot more to do. It seems when I clean I make bigger messes in different areas. Yes that is a lot of things to get done but that is one thing a day and I plan on working my butt off this week. Oh and I have gave away and tossed three bags stuffed of clothing, tossed out around 8 Avon boxes of junk that is not worth giving away or papers that yes I did recycle!

So yes I am a pack rat on my way to being a hoarder but gave myself a good intervention. I will be working on the closet this weekend as well as the desk so I might get most of that done! OK I am going to go take care of Megan and try to find my camera. Yea when I am organized I wont have to look for it I will know where it is!

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