Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Am Ready For School To Start

Yes I am more then ready for school to start. I do not look forward to the rain and snow and wind but I do look forward to having my life back! I love sleeping in and wow can I sleep in when I cuddle with Megan. However I need to get back on track to normalcy! I have been cleaning and clearing out stuff today. It is amazing how much I can stuff into a box with plans to go through it tomorrow. Well today is tonmorrow. I have cleared out 3 or 4 Avon boxes so far stuffed with junk.
I hope to start posting every day andc that is my plan. I will try my best but I always get side tracked for some reason.
Well just wanted to say hi and I will post later about my contest that I won! OK I will tell you now. For one of my *missions* for products that I sample and share my opinions and share coupons, etc. At the end of the mission I did a final survey and they picked my name!!! I won a gift card to Amazon for $100.00!  I spent it ASAP lol and bought me a new Kindle! I had $15 worth of other gift cards so in the end I paid with tax $36.00 for my Kindle. How cool is that?

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