Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making Progress on Clutter!

Yes it is slow going but I am making progress on my clutter. I have 3 boxes of clothing from Megan's room to donate to the Orting Clothing Bank. I also have a box of various items to donate  as well. I just want to make sure that I get a donation slip for taxes. I will be donating quite a few fancy dresses after I get Megan's pictures taken in the outfits. I am going to have to start going a lot to use up all the outfits lol. Some of them are a bit grown up but that is what is fun. Having Megan look her age for a change.
I found my favorite pants in Megan's room when I was cleaning. I also found the socks I bought last year for her and was saving. I am going to donate most of her toys being as she wont touch them now and they are just clutter.
I have a few things that are new with the tags still on them. Things that she is to thin to wear. Shoes that are a 4 and she wears between a 2 and a 3. I think there are 5 fleece sets with pants and a matching jacket that were wore maybe 3 times each but they are to short for her. There is an adorable NWT dress that is a 12 and she needed a 14 in that style. I might try it on her tomorrow and see if she is thin enough now.
I am getting  her picture taken tomorrow and have to decide which outfit to put her in. I have the long white wedding dress. It is so beautiful looks like a princess dress. There are a few others that I have to decide between. I guess I will ask her dad and see what he says.

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