Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Energy Crisis, Doctors, Naps, Gifts..... Yawn

OK first of all I hate, hate, hate having no energy. This lack of energy to do a thing is driving me bonkers.
I had Megan home today being as she was to cute sleeping. I love to watch her at peace. She is truly angelic at sleep. I want to just kiss her lips and eyes and nose. OK yea so we get up and get ready to go to her doctor appointment. Robert has to drive us being as I am not able to drive yet. We waited and waited and waited. Our appointment was for 11:15 and we saw the doctor at 12 ish. Just a weight check in for Megan *she is up to 97 pounds! We also ran a CBC check to watch her iron levels and her sugar levels. She has had low blood sugar for a while. The way to take care of that is getting her to eat. Well she has been eating so should be good.
Took the kids to lunch before appointment and after appointment I stopped at Grocery Outlet. That is all I did today. I fed Megan lunch today when we got home and she fell asleep and so I went to take a nap. Megan and hubby came in and hubby tried to take a nap but after a few he got up and Megan and I slept. I woke up around 5:30 but could not get out of bed. Fell back to sleep woke up at 6:30 and got up at 7.
I am getting Megan's teacher, para and bus driver Christmas gifts together for tomorrow. I want to make sure they get them this year before school is out for the year. Someone is always sick or on an early vacation here so we will get them all out ON TIME!
OK not sure what else to say YAWN,

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