Monday, December 13, 2010

Avon, Christmas, Resolutions, Prayers, and Life!

I went through some of my Avon today of my last shipment and love it. There is a huge clearance sale going on and I got some great jewelry. It is amazing that Avon really does carry great looks.
Oh yea what about Miley hitting the bong? I am not surprised but how sad. She has this great career and takes a chance on losing it? I mean she will always have a career but why take a chance on losing so much of your population? I think she will be another Lindsey Lohan and Brittney Spears. Her career has what maybe 5 more years before she is washed out and going rehab to rehab?
Christmas time has always been my time of the year. I love the meaning of Christmas to begin with don't get me wrong... but......... I love the smells, the sights, the taste, the sounds, the shopping, the craziness of Christmas! I love the giving and receiving of presents. I love the whole shebang! I have always had lights on the outside of the house and a few lawn items. My tree has always been loaded with decorations and lights. The living room, kitchen, my bathroom all get decorated! This year not much has been done. It just has not seemed like Christmas this year. I am thinking with the 2 surgeries and financial woes and family stress it was just not a huge year here. Next year watch out I will have Christmas MY way. :)
New Years goals anyone? I know what mine are and they are not weight related. My first goal is to spend 2 weeks on each room in my house and get them organized! I am talking cleared up, cleaned out and organized! Getting rid of clutter and what I can not sell I will donate. I am going to give each item 2 weeks to sell and then of it goes.
My second goal will be to get back to my blogging daily. I love when I blog it is a part of me, a way to release my creative juices. I will also be blogging my opinions on products again and I will be caught up with all of them by the end of this year. I mean on vacation I will have lots of time to do that!  I love to tell you all what I think of stuff!
My third goal will be to keep my house clean and guest ready at all times. I know having the 2 surgeries done with to where my health will come back will give me the energy to get up and clean. My last blood levels show me super anemic and I have not been unanemic in over 2 years.
Working on my marriage is a huge priority for me. It has been a rough year here on both of us. With news that I will tell soon to you all, things will get better here. A long awaited prayer has been answered. I would love to share the news but have to wait for private reasons.
Hugs and kisses and purple pony wishes!

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  1. Pretty tree! Not sure what to think of Miley. I don't follow her that much, other than what I see in the headlines. I hope she doesn't end up like some of those others.

    Good luck with all of your goals! :)