Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wanna ride in my new sleigh? AB asked if she could!

Yippie I have a new bed! Hubby was given a King Sleigh Bed from a lovely solider that was deploying. He was asking $500 for it a few months ago but then when he got his orders he gave it away. Hubbies manager was going to take it but when she found out it was not in perfect shape and has a few dings she passed it on to us. It is huge! I will post pictures of it later on and show you all how pretty it is. I was thinking it is tall enough now that Mali and Fraidy can not get on top of it. Ha they proved me wrong when I took a nap today. Bounce and here comes Fraidy. BOUNCEEEEE here comes Mali. It's OK being as I can push them off still and have the whole bed to my lonesome!

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