Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Sunny Monday

So much is going on here as usual. Summer is always a crazy time for me here. I am back to selling stuff on Craigslist and I am getting faster at it!. I am working on the garage today putting all the stuff I need to sell on the table and storing what I want to keep. We had friends that moved and gave us a bunch of stuff that I keep forgetting to list. That is my goal today to get the garage back to a garage as far as my stuff goes. Hubby can do what he wants with his stuff!

Megan's class went to the trout farm today and they all got to catch a fish. Megan was more interested in walking up the hill to see the peacocks. She was then wanting lunch and then a nap. The fish were just not a big deal to her. I did take a lot of pics that I will post later.

I have been reading Corrie Ten Boom books. What an amazing family she had and what an amazing woman she was! If you have not read any of her book I beg you to read them. She will teach all of you a lesson on forgiveness and loving. I still am amazed that people can hate so much that they want to kill an entire race or religion. The Hiding Place was a wonderful movie as well. Did you know that with a prayer and through God's grace did Corries name have a clerical error and have her being released? Then the week following her release all the women her age and older were put to death! What an amazing God we all have!

I just wanted to post real quick for now and head back to the garage! Have a blessed day and remember to forgive those that have wronged you. If it is not in you to forgive them remember Christ is in you and through him he can forgive all!

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