Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lovely Day

OK what is new? First off yes I deleted blog that had got out of hand. I had not ment it to be such a huge deal yet it was. There was cussing on it as well as childish comments and veiled threats. So I am over it and the issues. I stated what I wanted and sadly was not able to keep it due to the antics of a few. Nuff said!

Megans Nerology appointment yesterday went OK. We are having to up her Banzal slowly once again. I know the Banzal helps her but right now that means she will be taking 6 Banzal 3 times a day until we can get the 400 mg pills. Please keep her in your prayers that the pharmacy is able to get the higher mg before long.

The boy who knows if he is going to pass 8th grade or not? I tried my hardest. What it comes down to is it is his choice if he passes or fails. Depending on if he passes or fails it will have an affect on when he is allowed to get his driver's permit. It also depneds on if he ends up in juvie or not. Oh and I still find it amusing that he must know how much his Dad works during the day and on weekends. I am the one home and with free time. Does he honestly believe I will allow him to drive me around with his behaviors towards me? Does he honestly believe that he is mature enough to drive? It is funny how life turns out. He told me the other day that he would get his permit the day he turned 15 1/2 being as that was stale law. I replied that well it depends on your grades and if you pass 8th grade or not and if you do pass if you have passing grades of Cs and above. As of today he still has an A in history an F in English, F in Science, F in math. I have no idea what will happen.

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