Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I remember my neighbors across the street Mr. and Mrs. Fox. They took me to VBS every summer. I would go over and visit with Mrs. Fox off and on. She always had butterscotch hard candies to share. I saw my first lava lamp there. I got to hear a party line for the first time there. She also taught me to make Thumb Print cookies. Mr. Fox was always wearing a jacket even in the summer. He had a little stove thing in his garage (which was always going and making the garage around 90*) and he would roast chestnuts in it in a small pan with butter. I would go over there and visit him and help crack the chestnuts open. He also would let me explore his garage with all the treasures he had in there. It is amazing when you think about how kind and loving this couple was who were an elderly couple but so full of love for me.

VBS was fun every summer. During the middle of the class we got to go outside and run around and play games. We also got to have a cookie and Kool-aide. Not a big deal for most but we hardly every had Kool-aid at home. I remember singing Jesus Loves The Little Children with my group and knowing how to do it in sign language. We made book ends with glass Folgers coffee jars, filling them with multi colored pebbles, and then covering them with different color and shaped construction paper. I had these book ends still when I was about 30. I am not sure where they are now. We also made Angels. There was an 8 X 10 piece of cardboard, with blue canvas material covering it. The Angel was done with colored felt. Mine was wearing pink and had blond hair. I had this until I moved to live with Jason and the kids. It is hanging out somewhere I am sure.

I had a cat that was a beautiful orange and white tabby. He was so sweet natured and would sleep with me on my bed all the time. I even had a top bunk and he would get up there. Oh my cats name was Dawg. He died on the day of my 14Th Birthday party. I was sitting in class and was sad about having the cat die on my party night. I would give Dawg a bath and he would scream AGUA AGUA AGUA. It always made me laugh that he was speaking Spanish.

I had roller skates and on the patio we had 2 poles that *held up* the patio. I was always dancing around the pole with my skates going around and around and around. Mom and Dad always got mad at me and said I was going to make the patio collapse and to stop doing that. I think now they just thought I was getting a bit to sexual with the pole!

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