Monday, April 13, 2009


I am going to get a lot of freebies tomorrow when I go shopping. I love my freebies. I have so many free coupons right now it is amazing. I will be cleaning out my cleaning supplies and donating most of them to the Church.

I am able to get 6 cleaners for free and they are natural ones. I want to de clutter as much as I can for Spring. I am also going to donate a lot of my personal freebies to the soldiers over seas. I know they love to get the care packages from my Church and I really do not need so many samples of different shampoo and conditioner and lotions.

I am also able to go get 8 boxes of hair color for free. Yes Shawn I will be sending 2 coupons to you!

I hope to get the Huggies wipes for close to free.

I need to find my Pace coupons so I can go get 11 jars of that for free to.

I am going to fill an RX at Safeway and being as it is a new one I will be able to get a $30.00 gift card of my choice for free. I am trying to remember who else was offering a nice gift card. I still think Safeway is the best place being as I get to chose the card. I will get a Starbucks card for me. Free Starbucks what can be better?

I have a coupon for a free Kashi frozen meal even.

I will once again start to post pictures of my freebie deals and my coupon deals.

With garage sale season starting I will be posting any great buys that I find for all of you to see. I am still on the look out for flamingos! I am also on the look out for a new Finding Nemo comforter for Megan. Hers is getting a bit to thin and it is the one blanket she loves.

OK I am going to go take a shower and make sure my hair is nice and clean and conditioned! I hope to color it tomorrow a deep burgundy! I might go a brilliant red even. I have to see what I feel like tomorrow.

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