Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Monday!

OK I am going to have to blog here being as yahoo will not let people read me or comment when they can read me.

Right now I have the allergies from hell. I have sneezed so much that my nose hurts. OK I guess I should say my nasal passages hurt. I sneezed like 15 times in a row this morning. I have done nothing but sneeze today. I was at Safeway and having a sneezing fit even. Oh did you know it is hard to eat your lunch when you keep sneezing?

Today is a beautiful day here in Orting. It is 68* right now, a slight breeze and nice blue skies. There is this strange thing outside in the sky. I had to go outside and I looked up and almost screamed! I mean I had no idea what it was at first. I had to close my eyes it was so bright it hurt them. I think you Southerners call it the sun?

OK that was close I thought I lost this blog! So I am enjoying the sun right now. I am ready for summer to get here or at least spring to get here more then it is. I want to have my flowers growing and my garden growing. I want to be able to wear shorts all the time and my flip flops.

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