Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday

I love bargains! I just ordered Just Dance 4 for Wii, Horton Hears A Who, and The Lorax off of Amazon with my gift cards. I got free shipping and my cost out of pocket was $5.88!!!
I did not go shopping today I was not in the mood for stupid angry people. I would of had to take Megan out in the rain and deal with her wheel chair and the crazies. I decided to sleep half the day away.
The adds did not interest me to be honest and i would rather pay 10 dollars more for an item then deal with the people that have to get an item. My time is worth more then that little bit of savings and the hours standing in line.
We really do not need anything here either. I am trying to get rid of stuff not bring in more junk. I will have more fun shopping the clearance sales then waiting in line for hours.
I put up my tree already and found out that the clearance ornaments that I paid a dime for last year *well I guess it was really this year being as it was in January* are some of my favorite ones! I have these cute horses with feathers on top of their heads that are adorable!
I am also working on selling a lot of my decorations this year. I am getting rid of my Hallmark ornaments even!
Well off to do some reading and then to bed!

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