Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Well I am not doing as much decluttering as I had planned. I is so enjoyable to see the progress. I have really been working on the living room for the most part. I sold 2 book cases yesterday, gave away all my VHS movies and gave away a huge box or two of other various *treasures* that were cluttering up my living room. Oh I also gave away a bookcase that I have had for a few years. I gave away a lot of books that I had read and have decided that once I read a book I will share it with another person to enjoy. I am still not ready to give away my Stephen King books though.
I gave almost all of my former lingerie away on Listia. I do have stuff loaded in Avon boxes and will go through them this week. I am basically doing a keep, sell, or giveaway boxes. It is such a great feeling to see empty areas now. Jason is not as angry over the clutter and I am standing up to him when he pops off about the clutter but I remind him how much I have done and how his negative comments cause me to not want to do more.
I really am getting anxious for spring/summer to get here. The overcast days and rainy days and windy days are getting to me. Yes I am thankful for no major snow and ice but I crave the warmth of the sun on my face. The lazy days laying on the patio swing, reading a book, with a tall glass of iced tea. Music playing Phantom of the Opera and the smell of flowers and sunshine. Yes I said SUNSHINE!
I wish I had taken pictures of the mess before I started. I am great at packing in a ton of treasures in a bookcase! I honestly want a house that is clear of clutter, that is dust free, that I can have someone pop over and not have me be embarrassed by the mess. Oh yea I even gave my son my cappuccino maker last week. See I am working on decluttering!
Oh I spent a couple of hours on coupons as well. I have maybe another hour to go and then that will be organized. I was sad to see how many items I lost out on due to not being organized. I am talking free items! I did manage to snag 26 packs of Trident Vitality gum for free. I had fun that  shopping trip. I picked up Bambi for a friend and picked up Despicable Me. I had coupons for both movies and each came with some freebies. My friend paid for Bambi and I kept the freebies for my work. The Lean Cuisines were on sale for $2 each and I bought 8 that was $16. With the purchase of the LC I got $5 off my bill bringing the cost down to $11. I then had coupons to save an additional $2 off. So for $9 I got 8 LC meals. The Jolly Time popcorn, Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Safeway hot dog buns, Aquafina water, Juicy Juice and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese were the movie freebies. The 2 Hormel kids meals were on sale 2/$3 and a BOGO. The coupon took off the regular price of $2.29 or so bringing the cost down to 21 cents for both meals! This was a fun coupon day!

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  1. Good luck with your decluttering. It's a good feeling to get that done.