Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rant be forwarned

OK there are times when I wish I was not married and not a step mom. I am in a fine fit of irritation right now. I think I shall act as childish and rude and the two males that live in this house are acting. I will cuss and hit walls, break things, do nothing for others, just be a selfish bitch. I am going to be a whinny nag.
yea can you tell how my day is going so far? Wait it has been my weekend, week, month! I am very frustrated at this point. If I have another letter asking/telling me how disappointed, unhappy, stressed with life and our marriage and how I am not growing in Christ like he is and where is this marriage headed I might just flip out and say no where and walk away.
I am confused as to why a 16 year old is allowed to do what he wants, when he wants, how long he wants, does not do chores half the time, is given a truck to drive, lies, etc and is not punished by his dad? Grrrrr I am not happy today.
OK even the pets are irritating me to the hilt. Mali wont stop begging and whining for food all the time all day long. She jumps on the table with her paws to grab food and knocks off places to grab food as well.
Fraidy whines for food all day as well and meows all the dang time. As soon as I go to bed or take a nap or just lay down Fraidy is there laying against me. I push her off 20 times and she is right back at my side.
Yea Farmville people are ticking me off to. I do all the request I get in my box and yet most of mine go ignored. Grrr it is a little thing but not a good mood maker for me today.
Yea I am not a happy camper today at all. I am not my normal happy person that I love to be.

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  1. I've been feeling like this today, too. Everything seems to be rubbing me the wrong way.