Thursday, June 24, 2010

Purple Cows and Orange Moons

Things are better here between hubby and me. We needed that date we took last Friday night. I am making that a set date that every other Friday night we have a date alone with no cell phones and NO KIDS.
I have been using Listia again and have bids on all of my stuff. I have been working on getting coupons organized as well. I have a lot of freebies that I have got with coupons and great freebies from my sites such as Kraft. I will be posting my reviews tomorrow on what I have.
Megan's care provider Rena her son passed away yesterday at around 3PM from complications to a massive stroke. Rena is working today here and I feel like she needs to be home to grieve but she said she wanted to work to have something to do. She is a tough cookie and I am worried for when she does break down.
Still having a lot of issues with both boys stealing junk food here. Zekiah has been sneaking into my room to steal from my candy stash that I kept for hubby. He also stole juice boxes from my closet that were off limits. I have found 10 packages of oatmeal that he ate raw as well throughout the house.
I have to go start dinner but wanted to post a note to say hi and to keep Rena and her family in your prayers.

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  1. My deepest sympathy goes out to your friend Rena and her family.