Sunday, June 13, 2010

Graduation, Seizures, Lies, Stealing, Stress.....LIFE

The title about sums up my life these last couple of weeks. What more can I say? Oh yea you want more details I bet.
Megan graduated from Orting High School class of 2010 Thursday night June 10th at 6:30. My baby girl is now legally out of school and an adult. OK well we all know the difference with Megan but she did graduate!
She has had a few seizures here and there and spent most of her last week or two of school sleeping in and a couple of times slept until 2PM with going to sleep around 7PM the night before. We do have an appointment with her neurologist on Tuesday I believe. She is 91.6 pounds so she is maintaining her weight and not losing.
OK my house has been filled with so many lies that I am shocked it has not been struck by a thunderbolt from God. I am having the most issues with Z who seems to believe that not matter what he wants to lie. I can not trust him with anything at this point in time and I will be locking down even tighter the reins on him. The final straw was just a bit ago when I went to open his window and found it unlocked and the screen knocked out, R had eluded the other day that he was sneaking out and I did not pay attention at that time. Well he has my full attention now! I will ask him what happened to the screen when he gets home and deal with him depending on his answer.
Z has been able to go to the store with R and into town until the other day. I found out he has been stealing from Safeway, and I have a feeling he has stolen from Target as well when he was with me. So now he has to hold onto the cart if he is in a store with me. If he is innocent then this will just keep him honest.
Stress is what all of this ads up to, I am not used to having someone with me non stop like I have been having. For the last year I have had very few days alone and I miss being alone. I like to read, nap, shower, chat, whatever and not be bugged. I am 45 and deserve my quiet time not just more and more stress.
Love ya all and hope that we all have a very blessed week. XOXOXO Daphne

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