Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Safeway Meat Bargains

I had to goto Safeway today being as we were down to our last roll of toilet paper.  I was having to dig around in the back of Jasons SUV, in the pouring rain, in the dark to see if there was a spare roll of tilet paper! Yreka I found a roll that got us through the night and part of this morning! Thank you Jesus for a husband that is always prepared!
I stoppedd off at the meat counter to heck out the day old meat and found some great deals! I paid $18.50 for 6 packages of meat! I paid close to half of what the regular price of the meat was! There is stew meat, pin wheel steaks, *a splurge*, and beef cube steak.
I was wanting to get me lunch in town and decided to save the money and I bought a frozen family sized package of orange chicken instead. I am going to cook up some pot stickers to go with it and have a yummy lunch/ dinner at close to what a meal in town would of cost from the chinese restaurant!

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  1. I've found too that Safeway has the best meat markdowns over here too, plus the better meat. I'll buy chicken elsewhere, but the rest of my meat has to come from Safeway. I noticed the difference in my roast this past week too, it was from Albertsons and just not as good as some of the ones from Safeway that we've gotten.