Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Better Bargains Buys

Tonight I had to do an errand with hubby and I stopped off at Walmart on my way home. How much would you have to pay for all these items? The Walmart price was $21.76 before my coupons. My final price you all want to know?  I paid a grand total of $2.37!
The 2 jars ofbaby food were free, the baby cereal was free, the Oreos were free, the Stacys Chips were free, the International Delight was free, one of the Digiornos pizza was free and the other cost me $1.00, and the Tuna cost me $2.00.  I know that comes to $3.00 but my cashier was having issues with my coupons and messed up in my favor I just realized. I got an extra .63 cents off  thanks to the baby food coupons! Now I want to know why people keep telling me that it is not worth their time to do coupons.
I got the Oreo, International Delight, and Stacys Chips coupons by becoming a fan of the manufactor on Facebook and being one of the first to sing up for the item. It took 2 minutes of my time and I got freebies! Oh and in case you are wondering the Oreos are so darn good! I ate 8 of them tonight without milk!

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  1. Oh I am in love with those Oreos too! Now I know why they gave us the free coupon, so they could reel us in! LOL!

    And you totally made me DROOL with your pizza comment on my blog, I've got to try those toppings together! See I knew I'd get some good ideas! :)