Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hi there Miss Hottie!

OK today here in Orting was a lovely day full of sunshine and warmth. It was around 82* or so a bit warm for me but we have air conditioning so it should of been a nice temp insdie the house. I woke up and hubby had the air going. I noticed that the heater was on as well. OK that kind of defeats the purpose of air. I shut off the heater and got ready for Church after feeding Megan.
Lovely time in the nursery with the babies and lots of cuddles and kisses and grins there today. I am looking forward to getting home to a nice cool house. OK I get in and it just is not that cool. Well I am having my period so maybe that is why it seems warm to me? All day long it seems a bit to warm witht he air going but I just put it off to hormones and such.
I just headed off to get ready for bed and got hit with a blast of warm air! OK for some lame reason Jason had turned the heater back on! So all dang day long the heater and the ac have both been on. No wonder I have been warm all day.
I do not understand at all why he messed with the heater. He gets mad at me for stupid stuff and he put the heater back on after I had it off! We do not need the heat on at all right now it is still 73* outside! It is to warm in this house and I have felt halfg sick all day. Sigh at least now I know why.

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  1. I still have that pillow case and roll of quarters!