Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pretty hair

OK I have to get back to blogging and getting my life back to normal. I have been in a huge funk for awhile now. I hate how I am feeling. I am supposed to take my meds but I forget all the time. I forget being as I need to take my meds but ya back and forth I go.
So the hair color you see in the picture is what I want to do. Yes I am 48 but i love this look. I am not sure how to do it but I am honestly thinking of doing it.
I have a ton of stuff to get done tonight and I just want to go to sleep. I think having Megan in bed with me is starting to take more and more of a toll on me. I do not sleep very well due to her seizures. i wake up wondering how soon I can go to bed. I just need to get my butt moving with some walking and losing weight again and hopefully that will help me.

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