Friday, August 17, 2012

Life Is Crazier!

Yea life is never calm here it seems. *Sigh* This is what I did last Friday night getting home at 5:30 in the morning and up at 9 to go get my Bountiful Basket supplies. I did not get a nap and come Sunday I slept off and on all day.
Megan had a seizure hit the floor cracked her chin open and fractured her jaw in two places. Not a fun thing to do my poor baby girl. We see the oral surgeon on Tuesday. Yea the jerk has no problem making Megan wait over a week to be seen, I have kept her drugged up on prescription medicine all week.
Robert came home already and with my having to deal with Megan I did not get the stuff done. However come Monday it will be done. I will make sure of it.
I am just wanting to say and quick hi and that I will post more later on this weekend. I have a busy day tomorrow so not sure what day it will be.

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